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Investor Relations

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Investor Relations

Company Information

Haakeng Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Azureient Corporation, acquired in 2017. In 2018, the Haakeng obtained the rights to Mashiyu Games and Noble Rewards, and began a new department developing hospitality & travel enterprise technology, enhancing its service offerings.

Investment Opportunities

Starting in Q1 of 2019, Azureient and Haakeng Solutions have agreed to open up a new opportunity for investment into the company through crowdfunding and taking on a small pool of investors. This has opened the door for new revenue and furthering the company’s objectives and goals moving forward.

Haakeng Corporation Limited

Haakeng Corporation Limited is our London based sister company, which provides an extension of our services in the UK and Europe. HCL does not engage in activities with Mashiyu Games, but it does offer BPO services in addition to business process automation, and acquiring tech companies in the UK and Europe.

Investor Resources

Investors who are interested in learning more about our company can contact us directly to lodge their interest. Any information we make public will appear under the Quick Links section on our sidebar of this page. Investment packets are available to qualified investors. Investment offered are not registered with the SEC or any securities unit in any country.

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